Wool for Warmth, Weather and Wellness

Sale now on Red and Blue Wool sleeveless, short and long sleeved tops and long johns.

Abeko Waterproof Rainmitts - New stock been delayed as the manufacturer has to order more material for these popular mitts.  ETA now May 1st.

Wool is nature‚Äôs most perfect fibre - cozy warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Breathable wool clothing can be worn indoors without heat build-up while being a warm base layer for outside play!  Our organic merino wool and wool/silk clothing is both kind on the skin and the environment.

A basic kit of a sleeveless shirt, a short sleeved and a long sleeved top with a pair of long johns/leggings prepares you and your family for all kinds of weather, day or night.  For babies and young children a wool or wool/silk onesie underlayer with a longjohn over protects the middle, where the tender inner organs are developing.  Wool fleece balaclavas are ideal head and neck covering for wintry weather.  Wool/silk balaclavas are light for three seasons wear and ideal under a hood for winter.  

When the weather turns wet, warm woolies under rainwear is a perfect combination. Either a fleece-lined mitt or boiled wool mitts under an unlined waterproof rainmitt is a flexible combination for all weather conditions.  Abeko/Tells rainwear is manufactured by Ocean Textiles of Demark according to European Union rules and REACH Directive (Directive against chemicals in rainwear and work wear).  Ocean produces their Abeko/Tells eco-friendly line in the EU countries of Poland and Latvia.  

We are pleased to offer retail and wholesale access to these fine textured high quality European manufactured clothing throughout North America. We are a sister company to Mercurius Canada www.mercuriuscanada.ca and would be pleased to ship combined orders to you.

Blessings, Heather Church and Arlene Thorn